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Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, have continued to increase in popularity throughout California and are an investment worth exploring for any homeowner. When you’re considering adding an ADU to your property, it’s essential to choose a contractor with the skills and experience to complete the work on time, on budget, and aligned with current permitting guidelines. At JDR, our team has extensive experience in design and building every type of ADU, including detached tiny homes in the backyard or attached additions that expand your existing main home.

Although building an ADU is a smaller project than building a main home, it’s a specialized project that requires specialized construction, design, and technical knowledge. For instance, when you’re making an investment in an ADU, whether it’s detached or attached, it’s important that it aligns with the overall look and feel of your main home. Experienced architects and designers have the necessary skills to create an ADU that looks as if it naturally belongs on your property. In addition, especially for rental ADUs or those you’re building for a family member, you’ll want high quality craftsmanship that lasts, whether it’s installing plumbing and electrical or a beautiful kitchen backsplash.

Types of ADUs

First, you’ll need to decide which kind of construction is best for your needs and the permitting requirements of your neighborhood. Whether it’s an apartment over the garage or a home in your backyard, what defines an ADU is that it has a kitchen and a full bathroom. After those basic requirements are taken care of, much of your choice regarding the type of ADU will depend on how you intend to use the space. An experienced contractor can help you explore all the possibilities for your particular home and lifestyle.

Detached New Construction

A detached ADU shares no walls with a primary residence and is typically a “tiny” or small home built in a backyard. This choice may make the most sense for those considering an ADU as a rental property or guest home. A stylish tiny home can also be an excellent choice if you’re looking to expand your main home with a detached property that could be used for hobbies such as playing music, meditating and yoga, or creating art. For those who frequently work from home, a detached ADU can serve as a private and quiet office space that helps to separate work and home life.

Attached Addition

In this scenario, your ADU is built out from your primary residence as a new level or wing attached to current construction. This could be above your garage, or an apartment popping out from your home on the same level. Homeowners looking to create additional space for a relative may prefer an attached addition. Especially for older loved ones and those with mobility considerations, the safety and comfort of being attached to the main home can feel like the right choice. An experienced contractor can help you arrive at a design for an attached ADU that offers a sense of independence and privacy, with the convenience of access and simplicity.

Construction Considerations for ADUs

ADUs can add considerable value to your home, particularly if they are designed and built with thoughtful attention to detail and high quality methods. JDR’s skilled team gives you the experience and knowledge you need to feel confident in a successful outcome for your ADU project.


  • Local experience: Particularly for building ADUs, which continue to fall under a set of changing regulations until very recently, knowledge of your town and neighborhood’s permitting requirements is essential. JDR’s team stays up to date with local ordinances as they continue to evolve and understands the complexities of permitting and planning in San Diego.
  • Reputation and references: Our award-winning team has built a stellar reputation over more than 30 years in business and has completed multiple ADUs.
  • Pricing and timelines: ADU construction can take anywhere from three to nine months and budgets can range widely depending on the style and size of the project. With JDR’s thorough estimating and scope of work process, you know what your project will cost and how long it will take from the very beginning.
  • ADU Designs: Whether your home is modern, traditional or transitional, JDR has completed projects with a similar aesthetic. With a team of talented interior designers on staff, we work with you in a collaborative design process and give each detail of the design the care and attention it deserves.

Look No Further for An Experienced ADU Contractor

An ADU is an exciting addition to your property that you can appreciate, benefit from, and share for years to come. You can rely on the talented team at Jackson Design and Remodeling for a smooth design and build process for your ADU.


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