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In addition to making daily life more enjoyable and organized, a kitchen remodel is one of the best investments you can make in your home, offering one of the highest returns. When it’s time to renovate your kitchen, it’s essential to find the very best Kitchen Contractors. You’re making a significant investment in your home and it’s important to select a company with proven experience and expertise that you can trust to guide you through the remodeling process from start to finish.

Understand Why You Are Remodeling

Consider carefully and put into writing what you hope to achieve with your kitchen remodel. This step ensures that you can clearly describe what your kitchen is like now and what you envision in a new kitchen. Taking the time to thoroughly think through what you want can also help you clarify for yourself what your priorities are. Rather than starting with features, like “new countertops” or “a bigger island”, start with how you want your kitchen to work for you in your home. Perhaps you’re looking for more elegant space to entertain, plan to cook more healthy meals, or want the kitchen to feel more comfortable for family gatherings and meals. Start with your lifestyle needs first, and then start to list some of the specific features you may require.

Decide How Much You Can Spend

While it’s difficult to arrive at a typical cost for a kitchen remodel because the range is so wide, it’s important to do some research before you meet with your contractor since your budget will be one of the first questions they have for you. Varying levels of budget are usually influenced by the expertise of those dedicated to your project, along with the size of the space and the specialty elements desired.

Look for Inspiration & Advice

This exploratory phase can also be one of the most fun! Scan online and on social media for kitchens you love and find as much information as you can about the elements used in the design. Pay attention to which types of kitchens you are drawn to – sometimes we can surprise ourselves by thinking we want a modern kitchen but then find ourselves inspired by more traditional ideas. Also note anything you strongly dislike – this can be just as informative. This phase is all about digging into the look and feel of your desired space.

Meet with Your Contractor About the Process

Before you begin your kitchen remodel, it’s essential to thoroughly understand the remodeling process. Time spent in conversation with your contractor at this stage alleviates confusion in the future. Here are some of the topics to cover before your project begins:


  • How long has the company been in business and how many employees do they have on staff
  • What are their references for work similar to yours
  • How do they handle subcontractors for specialty work
  • How many projects of your type has the contractor completed
  • Who will be responsible for the design of the project
  • How much do you get to collaborate with the designer
  • Who will be onsite as the project is built
  • How does the firm take care of cleanliness and safety on the job
  • How does the company communicate with you during the remodel
  • How will any issues that arise be addressed
  • Does the company offer any guarantees and/or warranties


A kitchen remodel can completely transform your daily enjoyment, bringing a renewed sense of comfort and efficiency to a space where most of us spend a significant amount of time when we’re at home. Choose Jackson Design and Remodeling for the job and you can experience a smooth and stress-free remodel. It all starts with taking the time to prepare and research.


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This phase of choosing a contractor can tell you a lot about how the firm operates and how it will provide the services you require. Professionalism and attention to client service are critical for a major remodeling project. Pay attention to how long it takes for the contractor to return phone calls, if they arrive for the interview on time and without rescheduling, how complete and accurate the information they provide is, and how amenable the contractor is to answer questions and provide details.

In addition, don’t just get references; be sure to call them. During this important step, ask about the quality of the contractor’s work, how responsive they were to questions and concerns, how they respected safety and privacy on the job site, and how it was working with their subcontractors. Finally, ask if there is anything they wish they had done differently and if they are completely satisfied with the results of their project.

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