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Home additions are one of the most significant remodeling projects homeowners take on, and for good reason. Additions can add to the value of your home, eliminate the need for costly and uncertain moves, and make an older home feel more like your own. We specialize in helping you arrive at the best design and construction solutions to expand your existing home for your evolving needs. Whether you build “up” or “out”, you’ll want to consider all of the possibilities before you begin adding space to your home such as an additional level, a “bump out”, or a garage addition.

Second Story Addition

When you’re dreaming about more space, whether to go vertical or horizontal is the first choice you’ll need to make. Building “up” by adding a second level to your home, or adding living space above an existing garage or deck, can be more affordable than building “out”, depending on your home’s current structure. A second level is also the right choice for those with restrictions on the footprint of their home or for those who want to retain as much outdoor living space as possible.


Building up requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. You’ll want the addition to preserve the design integrity of your home, which requires professionals who are experts in adding space that seamlessly integrates with an existing structure. Also keep in mind that building up will present more disruption to daily life, as contractors will need to be inside your home working on the level(s) below to ensure the integrity of the new space. Most homeowners will want to move out during some phase of the construction when building up.

Kitchen Bump Out Addition

Building “out” by adding new space on the ground level is one of the most popular ways homeowners add square footage to make their homes more livable and inviting. While building out requires losing some yard space and having to add a new foundation, it does come with the benefit of less daily disruption in the primary residence while construction is underway.


Another option to building out is the kitchen bump out. Usually just two or three feet added to your existing kitchen, these “micro” additions don’t require a new foundation. While a kitchen bump out is smaller than adding a whole new room, when designed correctly it can have a surprisingly significant impact on the look and feel of your home. Imagine a sunny breakfast nook, more room for storage, or a new large island and seating area in your kitchen – all can be achieved with a small addition that dramatically transforms your space.

Garage Additions

Sometimes a simple addition over the garage, or expansion of your garage, is all that’s needed to get the extra space for your home to meet your lifestyle needs today. Popular with homeowners interested in creating rental income or providing safe and comfortable living space for a relative, garage additions can also add an abundance of storage space and provide comfortable and private space for hobbies or work.


While a garage addition can seem like one of the simplest choices you can make to expand your space, keep in mind that the garage is a big part of your home’s curb appeal. You want to ensure that the quality of the design and construction adds to rather than detracts from the appearance and future value of your home. You’ll also need to consider the garage’s structural relationship to your existing home if the garage is attached. For instance, with living space added to your garage, you may need to add a hallway or entryway in your existing home for easier access.

Family Room Additions

An addition can be an ideal solution when you’re looking for more space to enjoy as a family. Some families decide to build out by adding an additional room attached to a current living space, or a pretty sunroom with comfortable seating. Others may like the idea of building up and transforming a converted attic or creating a spacious playroom for movie or game night. This kind of addition has the dual benefit of adding value to your home and encouraging more family time at home!


Home additions give you the extra space you need and more control over the details than some remodels since you’re “starting from scratch.” They can be one of the most rewarding home projects you ever undertake, allowing you to stay in your own neighborhood while adapting your home as your lifestyle changes.


Choosing the right room addition company is essential when you’re planning your project. Contact us for a free consultation.

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