Specialty Projects

Specialty remodeling projects in San Diego encompass important details that distinguish your home from any other. A one-of-a-kind fireplace, staircase, door, wine closet or bar artfully expresses your personal taste and values. Custom remodeling with a thoughtfully designed laundry room or home office adds function and pleasure to the daily experience of your home. Specialty remodeling makes your environment beautiful, individual and memorable.

Hot Hearth

The phenomenal fireplace in this modern dwelling is a visual centerpiece, compelling conversation starter and practical energy source all at once. Its hypnotizing scale, textures and materials make it a hearth like no other.

Modern Farmhouse Hearth

The magnificent focal point of the living room in a Modern Farmhouse, this grand fireplace was built to the ceiling to establish impressive scale. Arbutus stone with thick grout and a reclaimed wood mantle convey rustic authenticity.

Textured Warmth

A wall of sensuously textured tile sets the stage for the stunning fireplace in this colorful modern home. A pair of orange lights frames the fireplaces magnificent iron gray surface and echoes the orange hearth.

Hi-Tech Artistry

This fireplace surround in hi-tech LED backlit onyx highlights the screen where the client’s photography is displayed when the tv is not in use. LED lighting with alternating colors glows below the hearth.

Modern Heat

With its combination of bold structure and interesting textural depth, this fireplace exemplifies modern design. For a couple that loves to entertain, a striking fireplace is an appealing focal point.

Contemporary Glow

An impressive element in an award-winning home designed as a contemporary showcase, this fireplace and tv duo are set into a wall of mosaic tiles lit with a seductive glow.

All Seasons

Designed in natural limestone to reflect its stunning surroundings, the fireplace in this one-of-a-kind outdoor living space is a centerpiece for relaxing and entertaining in any weather.

Gather Round

For family time in this award-winning universal design home, the living area was designed for comfort, luxury and appreciation of stunning views. A tv and a gas fireplace encourage intimate gatherings.

Minimalist Drama

The fireplace in this home with minimalist design conveys an impression with dramatic scale and contrasting textures. A focal point in an open space, the fireplace design skillfully integrates with its surroundings.

Fresh Elegance

This majestic marble fireplace is surrounded by custom cabinetry with meticulous molding details in a hillside home with stunning views. The home merges a traditional theme with contemporary elements.

Traditional Glow

A substantial built-in in this traditional space encompasses the fireplace, TV, and storage cabinetry in a strong, unified design. The impressive granite surround was created wide enough to sit on comfortably.

Fireplace View

This long fireplace glows with the sheen of coppery glass tiles against an intriguing wood wall. The fireplace dimension and placement prevents the large tv from overwhelming the space.

Rustic Textures

Reclaimed wood makes a striking surround with the trim and mantle custom welded from raw steel to complete this one-of-a-kind fireplace. A stained concrete hearth adds an interesting modern element.

Bold Profile

A combination of bold scale, smooth surfaces, and interesting textures establishes the fireplace as a striking centerpiece in this Mid-Century Modern space with rustic details.

Modern Zen

An impressive TV screen is balanced above a striking fireplace in the living area of an expansive great room. The mantle is created from a curved expanse of charcoal mosaic tile in a staggered layout that suggests dynamic movement.

Corner Heat

The corner fireplace in this contemporary home establishes a stunning focal point and gathering place while entertaining. A custom cantilevered bench built from granite emphasizes the fireplace while providing additional seating.

Ascending Style

A staggered row of glowing niches invites ascent to the upper level of this award-winning contemporary home. Solid wood stairs are balanced with a clear glass railing, creating a floating sensation.

Traveling Stairs

This vivid stairway makes a powerful statement in the entryway of an elegant, award-winning retreat for an artistic world traveler. Each pattern evokes a memory of the client’s globe-trotting lifestyle.

Sweeping Entrance

A sweeping staircase greets visitors in the elegant entryway of this home remodeled for a couple who love to entertain. The graceful railing is composed of wood and wrought iron.

Rustic Industrial

Now a compelling visual feature of the home, this stylish stairway is composed from beech wood and aluminum tube railing in a modern balance of rustic and industrial.

Gallery Stairs

The stairway in this progressive vintage-style home is created from iron bars punctuated by reclaimed wood cubbies with painted glass backs, creating the effect of a transparent wall of art.

Dramatic Curves

Built with maple hardwood, a custom-designed wrought iron stair rail and a cherry hand rail, these stairs bring dramatic definition to the large open area of this award-winning home.

Artistic Passage

The meticulous lines of the custom wrought iron railing on these award-winning stairs create a memorable work of art. Living with artistic detail and organic beauty is essential to the homeowners.

Elegant Irish Pub

Integrated with an expansive kitchen, this bar design is inspired by a traditional Irish pub with an extra shot of elegance. Plentiful storage and ample surfaces make preparing and serving a breeze. Guests gather at the bars African Black and Gold Satin granite countertop while a stunning tin ceiling gleams above.

Conversation Starter

Defined by a stunning wall of hi-tech backlit onyx, this bar/wine refrigerator is a conversation-starting design element. During the day, ocean views are the focus; at night, the bar is a shimmering focal point.

Sparkling Tradition

In the expansive outdoor living space of a historical home, the guest house, main home, outdoor kitchen/living area, and pool are unified with distinct gathering spaces. The design balances the history of the home with the energy of a young family to convey the feeling of a comfortable resort.

Entertaining Outlook

For a couple who loves to entertain, this wet bar is the centerpiece of a space designed to enhance frequent festive occasions. The distressed alder wood bar with a generous cabinet was carefully positioned to take advantage of amazing ocean views and access to an expansive deck.

Convivial Gathering

This stunning vanilla onyx bar is a magnet for guests. With views of the outdoor pool and adjacent to the game room, the bar encourages conviviality during the homeowners’ frequent gatherings.

Seductive Curves

A medley of colorful hand blown glass pendant lights casts a seductive glow, reflected in the back mirror of a curved bar. This inviting space can be opened to the outdoors through large sliding windows during parties.

Relaxed Elegance

Hand-blown light pendants in an unusual star shape suffuse this wet bar with a soft, flattering radiance. Interesting surface materials, textures and colors intermingle, creating a sense of relaxed elegance.

Collector’s Delight

A wine closet built with grand glass doors and a studious attention to detail in materials and form allows for the organized appreciation of a treasured wine collection.

Modern Imbibing

A generous wine closet in the hallway of a colorful award-winning kitchen is perfectly paired with a bar boasting a Vitoria Regia countertop in swirling hues of vibrant greens.

Compact Style

A charming wine rack acts as a small wine cellar with a custom designed wrought iron door in this award-winning home, which combines contemporary notes with Arts and Crafts elements.

Awash with Style

This laundry room, which doubles as a sewing room, is an ode to organization in an award-winning historic home. Possessing more cabinetry than some kitchens, the room also holds two sinks.

Laundry Luxury

Luxurious materials distinguish this spacious laundry room. A marble backsplash and classic color palette convey elegance. The durable quartz countertop and abundant storage space support practical functionality. A strategically placed TV keeps the clients company when washing and folding.

Refreshing Mint

This laundry room on the upper level of a historical home features abundant storage and organizing space with streamlined countertops for folding. “Rhino” wallpaper in mint, charcoal, and white makes the space feel fun and crisp.

Chore Allure

An abundance of storage meets with elegant marble countertops to create a laundry room with modern convenience that aligns with its surroundings in a historic Spanish-style home.

Domestic Bliss

The tile floor in this laundry room was carefully matched to the color and texture of the wood flooring used elsewhere throughout the house. The room pairs impressive appliances with ample storage.

Study in Style

An expansive office flooded with light from magnificent windows makes daily tasks much more pleasurable. A pair of stunning globe pendant lights sets a calming atmosphere at night.

Clean Living

Special ventilation was built-in to this laundry room in an award-winning home to ensure clean air and conserve energy. Mahogany cabinetry with stainless steel pulls contrasts with easy-to-clean porcelain tile.

Imaginative Retreat

Designed as a cultured retreat, this library/office encompasses several stimulating elements, from vivid color to intriguing materials. The design communicates an attitude of individualism and inspires the imaginations of the young clients.

Haute Headquarters

This fashionable home office shimmers with metallic and reflective surfaces amplified by abundant natural light. A bold wall of tile is the backdrop for a stunning desk with mirrored panels. The chic color palette is powerfully feminine. Every meeting is a stylish experience in this organized and glamorous space.

Home Adventure

Photographs of global adventures and a wall map decorated with pins of destinations inspire the imagination in this home office behind a sliding barn door.

Gentleman’s Room

This gentleman’s room in a 100-year old Tudor-style home was designed with respect for history and a masculine point of view. Meticulously designed cabinetry conceals valuables, including a gun collection in a safe weighing almost 1000 pounds.

Artistic Loft

The workspace in the loft of a cosmopolitan condo is now clearly designated in an atmosphere that inspires thoughtful creativity. A subdued color palette of black and white creates an atmosphere for quiet and concentration.

Farmhouse Retreat

This master bedroom in a Modern Farmhouse features a fireplace in arbutus stone with a reclaimed wood mantle and a cozy window seat with a view. Every element in the room invites a peaceful and soothing retreat.

Tranquil Sanctuary

Warm earth tones and comfortable textures lend a palpable sense of tranquility to this master bedroom. A door to the outdoor area with greenery and a water element adds to the rooms Zen sensibility.

Romantic Retreat

A fireplace defined with an artistic display, lush window treatments in a sensuous chocolate brown, and an array of sparkling accessories unify to create a sense of glamorous romance in this serene master bedroom.

Restful Retreat

This master bedroom is a calming space designed with a subtle, relaxed style. A wall of abstract wallpaper in soothing tones is the background for a room with maximum natural light and minimum clutter.

Dramatic Suite

Dramatic color, a one-of-a-kind wall of texture behind the headboard, and a bold wall of cabinetry with a glowing fireplace make for an unforgettable design in this masculine retreat.

Youthful Energy

This bedroom for a young child was carefully planned to grow with him, placing an emphasis on clean design. The homes black and white theme is interpreted with contemporary, masculine elegance. Street-inspired wall art injects a youthful spirit.

Line Study

At this clean entryway with an emphasis on light, wood and opaque glass are balanced in a linear design. Subtle details hint at the imaginative interior to be found inside this home blending mid-century and modern themes.

Farmhouse Welcome

The shelf on the Dutch front door of a Modern Farmhouse hearkens back to a time when pies would be placed on the ledge to cool. Seeded glass windows and black diamond-style clavos complete the rustic look.

Beach Home Blue

In the entryway of a three-level townhome near the ocean a fresh color palette, along with statement art and a casual bench for storing towels and flip flops, immediately establishes the feeling of an inviting beach home. Porcelain tile flooring is reminiscent of wood weathered by sun and water.

Gracious Welcome

Solid, luxurious materials are combined with a subtle Zen-inspired design in a set of front doors that welcomes entry with refined grace and style.

Old World Hospitality

A Spanish-influenced medieval attitude adds substance to the entryway of this award-winning home. The door’s transom windows with obscure glass allow light while retaining privacy.

Coastal Charm

In this award-winning California Coastal home, the front doors set an expectation for the unpretentious elegance inside. Crafted with rich woods and disciplined lines, the doors allow both light and privacy.

Contemporary Greeting

Clean, elegant modernity greets visitors in this contemporary entryway. A medley of rectangular shapes is carefully blended to create an appealing simplicity.

Lucky Red

Red front doors have a history of positive symbolism related to welcoming visitors, luck, protection and good fortune. This entryway welcomes the homeowners’ summer guests to their stunning coastal home.

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Specialty projects encompass elements of your home customized to your lifestyle. Working with our professional design team, you’ll be guided through a thoughtful process of discovery and inspiration.