Anna K.

3D Artist

As a 3D Artist for Jackson Design and Remodeling, Anna helps bring concepts to life so each client can easily visualize the look and feel of their new home. She creates perspectives, line drawings, color renderings and other presentation materials using 3D Studio Max. Anna is a gifted artist who earned an education and developed technical and creative skills in her native Russia before moving to the United States in 2013. Originally attracted to many creative pursuits including photography and fashion, she discovered interior design in college and earned an Interior Design degree from the Institute of Business and Design B&D in Moscow. Anna understands the importance of capturing the effects of light and materials in the rendering of a space and how precisely sketching one perfect detail can communicate the essence of a home’s style. She enjoys the collaborative team effort of the Design Department and is enthusiastic about developing her expertise in the latest technology while discovering new ways to communicate visually with clients. When she’s not at work she spends time riding the waves or hiking with her husband and son.