Residential Designer

Bahar is an exceptionally talented and artistic Residential Designer for Jackson Design and Remodeling who thrives on pushing boundaries to achieve the most innovative results. Her leadership skills have been demonstrated on several high-end residential projects and she has extensive knowledge in interior architecture and exterior design. Bahar is dedicated to listening to clients’ stories, understanding their needs, and leading design build projects that result in homes that significantly enhance client lifestyles. Her adept technical and communication skills are a valuable asset to clients looking for guidance in arriving at a personal vision for their homes. Bahar sang and played guitar at a young age and was originally drawn to the design field with a desire to combine her love for both music and design by creating spaces with inspiring acoustics. She earned a Bachelor of Architecture at Azad University in Tehran, Iran and then moved to the United States to further her education with a Master of Interior Architecture from Woodbury University in California. Bahar is also an Instagram influencer, sharing inspirational content about women’s empowerment. When she’s not at work, she likes to explore nature and take camping trips.