Senior Interior Designer

Gabe brings over two decades of experience to his role as Senior Interior Designer for Jackson Design and Remodeling. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Gabe was educated at the School of Architecture, University of Puerto Rico and, when later established in New York, he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Gabe’s career encompasses significant experience guiding clients through the design process and managing teams. His exceptional technical and communication skills allow him to expertly convey to clients a vision for transforming their homes. Gabe’s passion for architecture is expressed in his attention to proportions, balance, symmetry, and finding the dramatic focal points in each design. His in-depth knowledge of how things are built was strengthened during a time in his career when he designed and built custom furniture.

Gabe’s thoughtful approach considers how every aspect of a design, from layout to lighting, affects the people living in a space. An artist at heart, Gabe is inspired by the creative process of sketching, drafting, and space planning while developing innovative architectural designs. He derives special joy from working closely with clients to understand their goals and dreams for their homes. Gabe’s artistic nature, enthusiasm, and positive attitude are invaluable assets to the Jackson Design and Remodeling team. He is an imaginative thinker who also appreciates the structured systems and processes that JDR has developed to provide an exceptional and enjoyable client experience for each project. When he’s not at work, Gabe can be found exploring nature or discovering an exciting new restaurant, one of his favorite activities during the ten years he lived in New York before making San Diego his home.