Project Director

A consummate design build remodeling industry professional, Jonathan contributes knowledge and experience gained over decades of experience to his role as a Project Director for Jackson Design and Remodeling. Jonathan is driven by his dedication to help clients and motivated by serving on a team committed to creating an exceptional client experience.

Jonathan is a San Diego native and earned degrees in Educational Technology and Business Administration from San Diego State University. His career was initially focused on hi-tech corporate training where he developed his impressive talent for explaining complex concepts and developing innovative processes. During a lull in the tech business, Jonathan rediscovered his love of furniture making and was drawn to work where he could use his hands and explore his lifelong interest in architecture. He immersed himself in the remodeling and building industries and studied each aspect of the business thoroughly to gain deeper understanding while mastering his skills as a Residential Designer.

During Jonathan’s impressive career, he has designed hundreds of homes for clients in San Diego. An exceptional communicator with a strong grasp of details, Jonathan leaves nothing to chance when he is guiding clients through the process of bringing their visions for their homes to life. He demonstrates an inspiring level of dedication to each client he works with, always with the goal of helping clients achieve their hopes and dreams for their homes. Because of his broad level of experience, Jonathan capably manages both the overall scope and meticulous details of all design build projects, including those of significant scale. His outstanding technical skills, particularly in the realm of software, mean clients can always rely on Jonathan for the latest innovations in efficiency and creativity. When he’s not at work, Jonathan enjoys time with his family volunteering at his children’s schools and going on adventure camping trips. He still likes to build furniture in his spare time and enjoys checking out antique cars and motorcycles.