Design Assistant

Kate, a Design Assistant for Jackson Design and Remodeling, brings exceptional technical skills and creative thinking to her role in the fast-paced Design Department. Her positive communication skills, talent for organization, and dedication to precision make her an invaluable team member. Originally from upstate New York, Kate was an artistic child inspired by field trips with her mother to historic homes where they would admire both the interior design and architecture. She earned an art degree in New York and then moved to San Diego where she received a BA in Interior Design from San Diego State University. With previous experience in cabinetry design, she excels at understanding both the scale and the details of each space. Kate is a problem solver who enjoys the process of finding imaginative solutions to help transform homes for clients. She is a dedicated member of JDR’s Giving Back Committee and enthusiastically participates in the many charitable activities JDR undertakes each year. In her free time, Kate enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, and playing trivia.