Cabinetry Specialist

Linde is an innovative professional who brings an impressive balance of technical and creative skills to her role as Cabinetry Specialist for Jackson Design and Remodeling. Responsible for assuring the meticulous precision of cabinetry design, Linde is highly attuned to detail and an exceptional listener and communicator. Linde was inspired by interior design at an early age with parents who enjoyed remodeling as a hobby and built a home from the ground up. She earned a Masters of Interior Architecture from California State Polytechnic University. She is motivated by a desire to use her talents and dedication to create imaginative design that helps clients see their visions for their homes come to life. She appreciates the inspiring variety of each day at JDR where she works on multiple projects simultaneously, exercising her gift for multitasking. As a Cabinetry Specialist, Linde collaborates with Interior Designers to assure cabinetry selections will function properly from concept to completion, translates wall measurements, refines and corrects drawings, prepares custom cabinetry orders, and liaisons with manufacturers and installers. Her exceptional organizational skills are invaluable as she manages timelines and deadlines while staying focused on the important fine points of each project’s cabinetry design. When she’s not at work, Linde is often accompanying her young son on his tournament golf tours.