Design Assistant

Nattie balances energetic creativity with exceptional organizational skills in her role as a Design Assistant for Jackson Design and Remodeling. She’s a team player who conscientiously embraces her role in a fast-paced Design Department and excels at adapting to evolving tasks and projects. Nattie was inspired to pursue a career in design at an early age by an aunt who was continually changing and improving her home. Nattie earned a B.A. in Interior Design with a Minor in Business Administration from San Diego State University and developed strong technical skills as she pursued her dream to create inviting spaces where people feel welcome. Nattie, a list maker who always carries a planner, appreciates JDR’s meticulously developed systems and processes. She’s a resourceful and independent contributor to JDR’s talented team of designers who are laser focused on creating beautiful and livable designs for every client.

Nattie is enthusiastically social and an excellent communicator (in both Thai and English). She served as a Hospitality Chair for ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) and as a Social Chair for her college sorority. She loves to paint and is currently focusing on landscapes, with San Diego’s beautiful beaches as a favorite subject.