How to design your San Diego home for a healthy lifestyle

If maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to you, there are a myriad of ways your home can make the desire for mental, spiritual, and physical well-being easier to achieve. A home that feels good starts with a design that feels authentically yours. When your home is filled with elements you love, you’re more likely to feel comfortable and inspired in your surroundings. At the same time, you’ll want to carefully curate those elements – a lack of clutter helps promote a sense of calm and ease. Abundant natural light and attention to airflow are essential – imagine walking into your home and feeling the sense of peace that fresh air and sunshine provide. Here are some of the other ways you can bring a sense of healthy living into your home environment.

Indoor/Outdoor Connection

A connection to the outdoors is vital to support a healthy lifestyle at home. A thoughtful home design will integrate your property with its surroundings in several ways: orientation of windows and doors to views, an upgraded outdoor living space designed to encourage indoor/outdoor living, and attention to the technical aspects of clean air such as filters and fans. An expansive outdoor space, especially in a community like San Diego where we can spend most of every season comfortably outdoors, brings a dramatic enhancement of healthy habits into our everyday lives. Imagine eating meals outside, working at home in the fresh air, or exercising in your own private backyard retreat – the convenience of an outdoor space at home makes it easier to choose healthy practices. 

Restorative Specialty Rooms

When planning the details of your whole home remodel, consider creating a specialty room devoted to maintaining your health and well-being. A library for quiet reading and contemplation, a craft room to practice your art in peaceful solitude, or a room dedicated to yoga and meditation – all can have a positive influence on your health. A whole home remodel is the time to create an environment that is custom designed to your unique lifestyle, one that works smartly and efficiently and that makes you feel comfortable and inspired each day.

Chef-Friendly Kitchen & Pantry

One of the hands-on aspects of maintaining a healthier lifestyle is cooking at home. A kitchen specifically designed for those who want to cook most of their meals at home, particularly when planning and preparing multiple meals at once, makes this task all the more enjoyable. A kitchen with more than one oven, refrigerator, and freezer, with the latest appliances carefully streamlined, and with abundant organized storage for all your tools and gadgets, is a joy for a home cook. A well stocked kitchen pantry keeps all those specialty ingredients and spices you’ll want for your healthy home eating close at hand and out of sight at the same time.

Tranquil Sleeping Quarters

Sleeping “hygiene” is recognized as critical to feeling calm and rested, which helps us participate in all the other activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The first step to a healthier feeling bedroom is an inviting design that you feel good about every time you enter the space. Elements to promote a good night’s sleep include good airflow and temperature control, a quiet and clutter-free/technology-free setting, a high quality mattress and bedding, and the ability to darken the room’s windows. Add in a luxurious home spa to your primary suite and you’ll have a place to truly reflect, relax, and restore in the comfort of your own home.

A healthier lifestyle starts at home and it’s different for every individual. When you talk to our professional designers and architects, you’ll discover some imaginative ways to achieve your dreams for your home. Come meet us and learn more at our next Design and Remodeling Seminar.