Home Remodel Design Elements

A whole home remodel encompasses both big ideas and important details. Working with designers and architects, you explore many elements that will make your home more livable and more reflective of your personal style. Here are some of the design elements you may consider when planning the remodel of your home:

Space Planning

You may feel that certain spaces in your home are not as welcoming or organized as you would like them to be. One of the most valuable aspects of working with architects and designers is that they can help you to visualize the dramatic changes possible by relocating rooms from one part of your home to another or removing walls to create more open space. A good design starts with smart space planning from which all other elements flow.

Additions to Expand Space

Sometimes your existing home simply cannot accommodate the additional space you need to achieve your vision. In these instances, a designer may recommend an addition or a new level on your home. With additions, it’s important to integrate the look and feel of your existing home to assure the addition feels natural and makes visual sense – both to you, and in the context of the surrounding neighborhood. Additions may also require extra research as neighborhood guidelines can often limit how much you can expand the footprint of your home, or how high you can build.

Exterior Design and Curb Appeal

As the first impression for visitors and passers-by, exterior and curb appeal design is crucial for the visual presentation and lasting value of your home. Details that create stellar exterior design include:

  • Quality, texture, and color of materials for siding, roof, and exterior accents
  • Number and size of windows
  • Design and color of the front door and address sign
  • Landscaping of front yards, driveways, and pathways
  • Layers of accent and functional lighting

Outdoor Living Space

A thoughtfully designed outdoor space expands the living space of your home, especially in climates where you can spend time outside year round. When planning an outdoor living space, there are an array of features to consider including based on your lifestyle. If you enjoy cooking, for example, you may want to include an outdoor kitchen. If time with family is important, a pool or comfortable gathering place around a fire pit could be an important element.

Details Matter

The elements that make a home feel uniquely yours can often be the selections of materials you make during the creative process of a home remodel. Perhaps there is a favorite color that you choose for the tile design in your master bathroom. Or maybe you fall in love with the hue and texture of a particular wood for kitchen cabinetry. These details, and the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into their creation, make a home feel personal and custom designed.

Selecting the design elements for your home is an immersive experience that can spark many pathways of expression, while also making your home more efficient, organized, and inviting.

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