Planning a Whole Home Remodel

Integrating multiple decision points and milestones, a whole home remodel is a complex undertaking and a significant investment. Gaining knowledge about the process from start to finish can help the remodeling experience feel more understandable and comfortable.

Evaluating Your Existing Home

As a first step in the remodeling process, a project director will visit your home in person. They will have a discussion with you about what’s working and not working in your existing home, and what your goals are for your home remodel. This initial meeting involves a thorough question and answer session and an opportunity for you to learn more about the planning, design, and construction processes for your remodel. A detailed review of your property’s condition is conducted along with multiple measurements of the existing structure. It’s essential to establish any existing conditions that may affect how your remodel is planned and built. At this stage, a project director is evaluating whether your home goals require structural design, space design, or a combination of the two.

Creating a Design

After developing an understanding of your vision for your home and the existing parameters they are working within, designers get to work on creating imaginative directions for your home. Designers will take into account:

  • How your home must be adapted to suit your current and future needs
  • Any style preferences you shared, such as “ultra modern” or “traditional”
  • Aspects of your personality, hobbies, or style that can be integrated for a more personal design
  • Lifestyle considerations such as aging-in-place or growing a family

During the creative process, designers usually start with rough sketches and objects to inspire – swatches from a color book, a piece of art, or your favorite piece of furniture or decor. The sketches are then formalized into detailed drawing and digital renderings for your review and approval.

Establishing a Scope of Work & Agreement

Once you’ve approved designs for your remodel, a comprehensive scope of work is prepared in the next phase. A scope of work includes a meticulous accounting of the remodel process from the first step to the last so that all parties have a clear understanding and agreement on what is included and how long it will take. Next, a construction agreement is developed that outlines all the details of the structural design changes and engineering that need to be submitted to your local City or County.

Selecting the Details

After all the paperwork is taken care of, one of most the creative parts of the remodeling process begins. You’ll convene with a designer to begin selecting all the details that will make your remodel feel like home, from big appliances like a new refrigerator or cooktop, to tile colors for a powder room, or wall color for a nursery. Texture, color, and style, will all be customized to your preferences with the guidance of an interior designer.

Starting the Remodel

A project manager is an important aspect of this phase, during which you’ll meet to review in detail the scope of work, take a physical walk through of your project, and go over the construction process. Considerations such as protecting your home and pets during construction are covered, along with any last questions you may have. A project manager is someone with many years of experience in construction who understands the intricacies of blueprints and code compliance. Their role is to offer you direct client service on the jobsite, and to work closely with any trade partners brought in for the remodel.

Completing the Remodel

Before a job is designated as “complete” a project manager will walk with you through your home, going over any final details and making sure that you are completely satisfied with the outcome. You’ll receive warranties for products and services, and guidance on how to stay in touch should you need help with anything in the future.

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