It’s Getting Steamy in Here: Luxurious Choices for Your Custom Bathroom Design

77451_10151828514463336_1583402494_oThis gorgeous bathroom design features a large-scale custom steam shower with a view from an expansive window. Imagine starting your morning with a strong shower in natural light, invigorated by beauty both indoors and outdoors. With its carefully designed adjustable lighting and spa-like shower amenities, the master bathroom also becomes a relaxing retreat at the end of the day.

Material and color choices throughout the room support a refined approach to modern luxury. The emphasis is on clean lines, lush textures and connection to the surrounding environment. The design approach is sophisticated and elegant, yet also very comfortable and inviting. Finding the right balance in a room design is made easier with the help of a professional design team with experience in helping clients achieve their vision for a space. A designer also helps with planning the focus of a room. By starting with a central desire, such as a large steam shower, this bathroom design begins with a sense of purpose from which all else flows.

When you are considering your choices for custom bathroom design, a unified team of architects, designers and construction professionals can help inspire you with fresh ideas for layout and materials.