Rediscovery and Retreat: Our 2023 Design and Remodeling Trends Forecast  

The vision of home as a serene retreat for comfort and restoration is clear in our 2023 trend forecast, with elements of luxurious simplicity in every room. Classics are on the rise again, with a fresh look at traditional styles and a renewed appreciation for the white kitchen. Dark woods, terrazzo tile, and graceful arches revisit the modern home with new expression. The emphasis continues to be on creating truly personal surroundings by mixing styles, balancing innovation with the familiar, and experimenting with eclectic ideas.

Jackson Design and Remodeling’s highly acclaimed design team, which has been featured in major national print and online publications including The Wall Street Journal, HGTV, Dream Kitchens & Baths, USA Today,  Dwell, Architectural Digest, French Style, Cottages & Bungalows, and Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, forecasts the trends they see emerging in design and remodeling each year. 

When you’re planning a new home or whole home remodel and exploring imaginative ways to express your own style, trends can serve as an inspiring starting point. A unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals can help you discover ways to transform your home that you may not have considered, with the experience and expertise to guide you to a comfortable and welcoming dream home. Here are the trends our designers see emerging in 2023:

Wellness & Serenity
Self care begins at home in designs that emphasize well-being and calm, from creating outdoor living space for morning yoga to transforming a master bedroom into a tranquil oasis for those all-important sleeping hours.

Return to Tradition
Comfort often comes from what we find familiar. Traditional design lends a sense of history and coziness to the home and we expect to see more of it in 2023, particularly in the kitchen.

Appealing Arches
Modern angles are giving way to the classic softness and grace of curves and arches. Look for this trend in doorways and other architectural elements and in furniture and accessories.

Luxe Laundry Rooms
Every room in the home gets a splash of luxury next year and the laundry room is no exception. Expect larger, “smarter” appliances, custom sinks, laundry chutes, folding and ironing stations, as well as an abundance of storage, and design that sparkles with texture and color.

Home Bars & Wine Closets
Entertaining at home with a collection of wines and cocktails is the ultimate in relaxed elegance. Next year’s bars and wine closets will be more elaborate in their details and more statement-making in scale.

Dark Woods
Connected to the trend toward more traditional elements in the home, dark woods can feel refreshingly bold and substantial. A focus on the texture of natural woods and custom craftsmanship brings this trend to life.

Pops of Paprika
Mid-century design makes an appearance next year in the popularity of this spicy and warm hue that mixes a burnt red with cinder gray hints, ideal for adding a dash of color to neutral spaces.

Cute Coquette
HTGV describes this emerging trend as a “vintage-inspired, soft and girly look that’s inspired by the soft Tumblr girl aesthetic oh-so popular in the early aughts.” We love the emphasis on pastels, white furniture, and gold accessories.

Micro Luxury
Because we’re experiencing it so closeup, luxury in a small space often makes the most dazzling impression. Powder rooms maxed out with sumptuous wallpaper, lighting and tile design perfectly embody this fun trend.

At Your Service
Butler’s pantries are trending again and reminding us how much easier this once ubiquitous home feature makes meal prepping, bulk storage, and entertaining. Butler’s pantries allow for the most organized of kitchens, essential to stress-free living.

Terrazzo Chic
The popularity of terrazzo has spanned several generations, with Gen-Z as the latest enthusiasts. While this composite material formed from marble chips set in cement is best known as flooring in Mid-Century homes, recent iterations can be found on vases and lamps, wallpaper, and other home details.

Timeless White Kitchens
Maybe white kitchens never actually go “out of style” but their popularity can dim in years when people experiment with bold color or natural wood tones. 2023 is a year when the classic white kitchen is most definitely a star again, a winner in homes from traditional to ultra-modern.

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